About us

Welcome to GEMS New Our Own Private School - Sharjah

GEMS Education is happy to announce the commencement of its 48th School in the UAE and its 17th School with an Indian Curriculum.

GEMS New Our Own Private High School, Sharjah, is planned and designed by professionals to empower all children. Our pedagogic efforts will aim at enhancing our children’s natural desire to learn in the 21st century.

Our curriculum ensures an exemplary learning experience for happy minds. This new endeavour is a springboard to refocus education, converting tools, research and strategies into action. We will guide children to be empathetic and ethical across every setting and will develop tools for civic and community outreach.

Effective student-centred engagement will propel learners towards ‘deeper learning’, with emphasis on

  • mastering core academic content
  • thinking critically and solving complex problems
  • working collaboratively
  • communicating effectively and 
  • learning how to learn

We will foster a culture of trust and autonomy.