Our Vision and Mission

The GEP Vision and Mission Statements

GEMS New Our Own Private High School - Sharjah has developed and endorsed a vision that embodies best practices in learning. This statement is an integral and vibrant facet of our school community. A shared set of core values - of beliefs, behaviours and action, which inspire all stakeholders to align their improvement efforts in the right direction.

Our Vision

To enable an exemplary 'innovative-learning-program' to nurture the intellect and conscience of every student and staff member.

Our Mission

  • Create challenging, high level, learning spaces with dynamic curricula to support children’s development in cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation
  • Harness resources and connect closely with the community to understand Sharjah’s and India’s cultural heritage, through internal and out bound learning projects and activities
  • Develop and sustain quality systems in school governance, educational and support services, performance management and continual improvement
  • Assimilate and internalise the legendary core strengths of GEMS Education

We shall endeavour to keep our mission alive through a vigorous action plan, encompassing beliefs, values and collective commitments while demonstrating an enthusiasm for change.