School Transport

What you need to know...

GEMS New Our Own High School - Sharjah has outsourced the school transport service to Bright Bus Transport (BBT) which operates the bus fleet, maintaining exceptional safety standards, specifications and regulations laid by the Sharjah Road and Transport Authority.  All buses are fitted with Video Surveillance System, Global Positioning Systems and scanners for the purposes of student attendance confirmation and safety. Other onboard services include female bus attendants, trained commercial drivers and optimal route management.

BBT is managed by experienced professionals who have a long track record of safe transportation to students. BBT works closely with the school administration team to ensure that parents and students receive the best service possible.

Please submit the Transport Request Form to the BBT customer care executive. They will check the route and the pick-up/ drop off point to ensure that they are able to offer the service in your area and that the pick-up/drop off point is safe. After this confirmation, you will be notified of the timings, bus number, driver’s details and the bus mobile contact number (available at the BBT website -


The Customer Care Executive of BBT works with the school administration and acts as the first contact for parents for transport matters.

Please contact the school for further information.

For Online Payment, Application Form and Terms and Conditions please visit the BBT website.

Why use the school bus?

Parents are requested to be mindful of the environment and hence take a responsible decision is encouraging shared transport for your child. A school bus transports 20 to 65 students in a single trip and hence reduces carbon emission. Surveys have revealed that a school bus journey is 18 times safer than a car journey. Also, public transport reduces congestion caused by cars outside the school premise and on the roads. And most importantly, children have fun interacting with their friends and children of different age groups. A new mobile app is available on Playstore for Android and AppStore for iPhone.