Active Learning Spaces

Active Learning Spaces

We commence our school with the ‘SA’ADA’, the Pre-primary (Kindergarten 1 and 2) Section and ‘BAHDJA’, the Primary (Classes 1 to 5) Section. GEMS New Our Own Private High School will transition seamlessly to the Middle School, Secondary School, and the Senior Secondary School in phases.

Our learning spaces are strategically designed to enable children to express themselves fluently, to cope with real-world challenges, to explore their natural and social milieu, and to grow up healthy and happy. Our teaching-learning environment enables a student-centred teaching approach. Specially designed modular furniture will be placed as they can be rearranged and reassembled. There will be movable writing surfaces and integrated technologies that support the teachers’ desire to increase their student involvement by integrating media, peer to peer interaction and collaborative learning activities into their teaching.

The primary active learning spaces are:

1. Sa’ada I - the preprimary section for children aged four years and five years.       


2. Sa’ada II - the preprimary section for children aged four years and five years.

3. Bahdja - the primary section for children aged six to ten years. بهجة
4. Angham I and II - two music studios where children will learn instrumental and vocal music, and the   theory of music. أنغام١    -      أنغام٢
5. Ibda'a - the art studios, with opportunities to use various medium creatively, painting, sculpture, pottery and calligraphy. إبداع
6. Ta'beer - the performing arts studio for theatre, drama, mime, and kinesthetic.  تعبير
7. Marah - indoor creative and imaginative play for Sa'ada.  مرح
8. Intilaq I - outdoor play area for Sa'ada. Special play equipment for gross motor movement and enjoyment are installed for age appropriate playtime. انطلاق١
9. Intilaq II - outdoor play area for Bahdja. There are courts for Badminton, Basketball and Tennis. انطلاق٢
10. Tarkeez I - reading room and library for Sa'ada تركيز١
11. Tarkeez II - reading room and library for Bahdja تركيز٢
12. Zaka'a I for Sa'ada- an active skill enhancing zone for STEAM learning ذكاء١
13. Zaka'a II for Bahdja - an active skill enhancing zone for STEAM learning ذكاء٢
14. Tafkeer – composite science laboratory for Bahdja تفكير
15. Ma'refa I - computer laboratory for Sa'ada  معرفة١
16. Ma'refa II - computer laboratory for Bahdja. A Media Studies department will be a part of this laboratory معرفة٢
17. Rababa - a special music studio for Arabic Music ربابة
18. Ḍād - the Arabic Language room ضاد
19. Tawasul - the staff rooms تواصل
20. Marhaba - the interaction space for Parents مرحبا